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The Asraya Manifesto

Pledge to Birth the Ancient Future

This manifesto is an appeal to the heart of humanity. It needn’t be one or the other. We can be in our hearts and simultaneously accelerate collective and individual growth. Society is changing rapidly in how we relate to each other and ourselves, extract, distribute, process information and energy, and utilize technology.

The current unconscious trajectory and continual application of inefficient systems and approaches to being human is globally unsustainable. We have negated the value of the Ancient in prioritizing speed to market and technological advancements at the cost of social equity. Monetary capital at the expense of human capital. Speed of internet connection at the suffering of human connection. 

We at Asraya see technology and the future of all Web3 entails as an ally, not an enemy. We also see the misuse of technology as a means to gain power, status, and prestige as others suffer. Ingenuity has become lost in the prestige of recognition and, as a result, has slowed down the progress of remembering who we indeed are and what we are truly capable of. 

Ancient wisdom and intelligence have much to teach us about who we are and who we may become. We see great value in merging lost and not easily accessible ancient teachings with emerging technologies. To utilize technology to support us in meeting our objectives and live out our principles as a sovereign community free of agenda or outdated, systemic, and limiting policies and conditioning that is not serving our highest potential as humanity.

The Ancient Future: A world where we blend the best of the past with the chosen benevolence of the future

“We are a community for entrepreneurs who know that strategic partnerships and collaboration over relentless competition are what the next wave of success looks like in a Web3 world.” 

“We are building technology to help entrepreneurs, creators, and visionaries who value impact, freedom, and income enter the new wave of business that is Web3. Entrepreneurs with an ethical approach to business are becoming the cornerstone of what is inclusive and healthy in this world. They are invaluable and will propel humanity forward in new, innovative, and sustainable ways. We are gathering epic human beings to grow together in one of the most advanced and supportive communities ever.”

We love and breathe entrepreneurship. The visionary entrepreneur is the lifeblood of business and human endeavor moving forward. Technology is proliferating rapidly and going nowhere. Web3 is a natural and inevitable progression. 

If skilled entrepreneurs don’t keep up, their vision, impact, legacy, service, and bottom line will all be affected. They will fall behind, impacting both Earth and humanity negatively. 

We exist to support entrepreneurs in entering emerging technology and the web3 space seamlessly so they cannot only survive this transition but thrive and take along society for that ride. Entrepreneurs can be nimble, pivot hard when necessary, and be full of ingenuity and intelligent hope. Institutionalized industries and big established businesses are often shrouded in red tape, bureaucracy, and rigid ways of doing business that takes years (if at all) to evolve beyond outdated practices that affect us all.

We are here to provide vibrant entrepreneurs with education and services so they can flourish in a rapidly accelerating world. To equip them powerfully so when those who are on their path of growth enter our ecosystem, the entrepreneur/teacher/educator and guide can deliver the highest quality and transmissible message of value because they can do so.

With all this said, there’s a missing piece to humanity’s evolution…

Ancestral wisdom and ancient intelligence.

We are integrating this vital and lost art into everything we do.

To support every facet of our community.

To support us.

To equip all who enter our ecosystem with the tools, knowledge, and wisdom to be better at what they do in all ways.

We blend and develop technologies and applications to take our community and humanity to the next level of business, relationships, and life.

It begins with us.

It begins with you.

Developing technology stacks that evolve our ecosystem can be applied cross-industry to big business to create more significant global ripples. That, alongside supporting our people with innovative ways to engage one’s community and audience, is important. And, what matters, even more is our focus on benevolent AI and technologies that expand our community’s mindset and heart center, not limit us. This, combined with returning to ancestral, Indigenous, and ancestral wisdom, means we are blending what has worked historically with what can work in the future.

We gather wisdom keepers cross-culturally from around the world while identifying technological applications and innovations that can serve and accelerate humanity in ethical business, conscious relationships, wealth generation, regenerative principles of interacting with our Earth and creating more equitable and transparent systems.

Asraya is that torch or light. Without it, we may be able to see an inch ahead of us on a foggy and dark night. That illumination gives us an additional 10 feet of visibility. That torch represents discourse. It means an invitation to collaborate and partner on big ideas. Ideologues, dogmatic cultures, and rigid systems now and before we say they know the way – we don’t claim to know the way. We don’t even know how to get to a better world. 

But we do know and believe that if we can be in collaborative discussion and partnership with each other and learn how to communicate clearly and effectively, we can figure it out together. That’s where we will become an influential species and force of change and transformation. Asraya is that incubator for conscious communication.

Illuminating collaboration in a way that brings us closer together. We have enough faith and trust in humanity and ourselves that if we remain present to the discussion in meaningful and thoughtful ways, we can figure it out. The invitation is to come into our ecosystem and this movement and be a part of that greater whole. We are attaching depth of passion and breadth of experience.

How we communicate and how we discuss big-picture items matters more than the destination itself. HOW we get there will define the maturing of our species. Because that shapes the consciousness of how we evolve. By which we show up to life and the reality in the world that we create for ourselves and each other.

Goals of this Manifesto

1) Demonstrate the value of both the ancient and the future
2) Explore where society is suffering unnecessarily
3) Provide real-time pathways to alleviating this suffering
4) Provide insight into the combined power of intention, ethics, and 5) the proper use of advancing technologies
6) Demonstrate the power of teaching inspired entrepreneurs the value of a Web3 world

Where We Are Headed

Asraya outlines an actionable strategy to build and transform an empowered conscious Web3 community into a network state in the next 2-3 years. The steps below outline how we will accomplish this.

Step 1:

Understanding Web3 culture: We are immersing ourselves in the Web3 culture, crucial to growing a thriving Web3 community. 

Step 2:

We are familiarizing ourselves with and mastering the principles outlined in Balaji Srinivasan’s book “The Network State” and other relevant resources.

Step 3:

We are defining our community’s values and goals: Aligning our values with the principles of a network state – ideologically aligned but geographically decentralized. We are setting clear and achievable goals that resonate with our community members.

Step 4:

Building on a Web3 platform: Utilizing the underlying technology standards that enable every Web3 company to be built on top of, fostering a co-creative environment for our community.

Step 5:

Implementing smart contracts and decentralized governance: Allowing our community members to participate in decision-making using Web3 governance mechanisms, such as smart contracts.

Step 6:

Encouraging collaboration and co-creation: Creating opportunities for community members to collaborate on projects, build decentralized applications (dApps), raise funds for their projects, and contribute to the overall growth and development of the network state.

Step 7:

Foster transparency and trust: We are building transparency into our community’s operations, decisions, and governance processes to strengthen trust among members.

Step 8:

Develop a national Web3 strategy: To ensure our network state’s long-term success and sustainability, developing a national strategy for Web3 based on policy objectives, legal setup and structure, and specific recommendations

Step 9:

Educate and onboard new members: Establish educational resources and workshops to help newcomers understand the principles of Web3, the network state, and how they can contribute.

Step 10:

Create a seamless user experience: Utilize Web3 technologies to create user-friendly websites and dApps, making it easy for community members to participate.

Step 11:

Stay adaptive and evolve: We will continuously adapt our strategy to the ever-changing landscape of Web3 and the metaverse, ensuring our community remains at the forefront of innovation.

Our 15 Principles

These principles will only come into existence as every individual that is part of our ecosystem contributes in meaningful and thoughtful ways. We are building this ship together. These principles are interesting in theory and even more potent in practice. 

Principle 1


The integrity of the ecosystem is only as strong as the pillars upon which it is founded. This is precisely why we intentionally infuse everything we create with these 15 principles brought forth by the core team. And it is no coincidence that the primary integer is rooted in this notion of wholeness. Wholeness of the individual, the communal, as well as the environment. All our creative processes and relationships are weaved carefully, honoring completeness, soundness, and purity of being. A sense of a continual process of purification and rarefaction is woven into our character as a testament to our Sovereign essence. Guiding us on this journey of exploration in how we relate to self, the community, and our creations, with a strong sense of fidelity to truth and fair dealing.

Principle 2


Each principle is interwoven and inextricably connected, giving rise to the following principle. We recognize our nature as one beckoning us and calling us forward to continue expanding our conscious awareness, realizing our full potential and creative expression. Seeing this with crystal clarity informs our dedication to activating ourselves and everyone interacting with and communing within the ecosystem as powerful co-creators. Intentionally imagining, designing, and building alongside the grand architecture of life. This is arguably the highest aspiration and epitome of human existence, perhaps expressed fundamentally through this creative potential. It, therefore, acts as a guiding stone for the community’s highest aspirations and visions. Bringing that perfect octave of our imagination into existence and birthing on planet Earth a perfected way of being. A return to the Garden of Eden.

Principle 3


To hold this energetically intense frequency for the entire ecosystem, we recognize it requires strength and courage. As the third principle, it already triangulates the essential building blocks forming a solid tripod pillar structure. Valor is expressed directly from our hearts, infusing every adventure, creative endeavor, and relationship we seek to embark upon. The depth of our connection to the source is what empowers us to take a stand and walk boldly with courage knowing in our hearts the value of our creative expression. To access this truth, we infuse all our actions and thinking with strength and resolve.

Principle 4


Elevating, evolving, rarefying, and purifying ourselves is no easy task. It is, therefore, crucial to attune to our sensual, feeling nature. Our tenderness is what enables us to sense subtle vibrations and touch, not unlike a spider’s web connecting us deeply with ourselves, those around us, and our environment. We recognize the importance of this capacity for sensual emotion and trust all 5 sensory organs deeply. Dropping into our body and immersing ourselves into sensory experience unlocks a multidimensional perception and foresight. Honing in our intuitive and emotional intelligence is a capacity and skill often neglected in our modern-day cerebral culture.

Principle 5


While our sensual capacity deepens we become more open to experiencing life more profoundly. Inevitably making us more impressionable and able to absorb, integrate and reflect. Manifesting or expressing the most exquisite existential lessons and contemplation in a vivid and relatable way. This principle is the embodied vehicle for delivering our visceral knowledge and building mutual agreements in the community. By self-expression, we come to terms with ourselves first and foremost, opening the path for emotional and mental clarity.

Principle 6

Inner Wisdom

The second triangulation of principles leads us to the coherency and embodiment of all core tenants expressed at this stage. It gently invites us to examine and align first and foremost within ourselves and, secondly without, in the collective. A coherent whole results from an agreement with one’s being on the individual level. This is our inner agreement with ourselves, being in full alignment with what we do, what we think, and how we feel. When this mutual agreement is established, only then are we able to come to mutual agreements in the community at large. This is predicated on our ability to communicate ideas and convey our unique perspectives, enriching our collective sense-making efforts and giving rise to further refinements to the visions and direction of the collective. 

Principle 7


Recognizing that the principle of inner wisdom and understanding is not a static slice of time but a continuous effort is key to remaining in alignment. Life is not static; it’s not a static goal that we pursue in our individual and collective effort; it is a motion. An unfolding activity of seeking balance and optimizing for homeostasis. This equilibrium within and without results from our ongoing devotion to forward motion, development, and further refinement of all the various facets of life, rippling out into the community and the ecosystem at large. 

Principle 8


To remain in alignment and symbiosis with our ecosystems, we hear the clarion call to step into our role as custodians, stewards, and guardians of our precious planet Earth. We stand in awe of its beauty and revere the mystical nature of existence itself. This alone sends a clear signal down our spine to take a stand, step into service, and be in allegiance to the ancient future of our human evolution. We gather to light the sacred fires and shine forth as beacons of light, leaning into the edge of being.

Principle 9


The third triangulation takes us back into deep tenderness for those that continue to suffer and experience misfortune. We feel the sorrow in our hearts and yet recognize how this trial by fire is what gives rise to our true potential. We hold space for ourselves, leaning into the emotion and lovingly acknowledging its presence. This is what it means to be whole, to see the vulnerability and weakness within ourselves and welcome it. Not to dwell in the depths of this heavy energy but rather transmute its latent potential to infuse and empower our resolve to show up even more fully for what it is we feel called to create in service to all.

Principle 10


Cultivating the love of knowledge or philosophy is an expression of the highest faculty of the mind, our capacity to comprehend general truths. This is our power tool giving rise to discernment and equipping us with our ability to come to know. It is an art and a skill that empowers us to pick out and choose amongst a myriad of patterns, signals, and noise that inform our modern day and age more so than ever before in recorded human history. The deluge of information and buzzing signals competing for our attention beckon us to create space within ourselves and focus on that which we hold in the highest regard. This principle is what guides our collective sense-making efforts. It gives us mental clarity and foresight to navigate the rising challenges which we are inevitably going to face in our journey forward.

Principle 11


Recognizing that we are not alone in our endeavors is a profound milestone in our solitary paths of individuation and liberation. This is the pillar upon which this fellowship is founded, a space where we come together and celebrate the inseparable nature of the process of life. Upon this principle rests our capacity to perfect our discipline, reflect upon our individual experiences, and enrich our lives. Connected by a common vision of our collective potential and the diversity of each individual’s unique expression, built upon a unified set of principles held in common. Our conscious choice is to commune with each other and not be in bondage to any unacknowledged authority.

Principle 12


The fourth triangulation resolves and recognizes the principle of communal wholeness.  It is a paradox and axiom that our independence is nested in an inseparable interdependence. Every one of us is the main character in our story of life as we only get to experience the universe through our subjective user interface called I. No medium stands in the way of the individual, the supreme master and ruler of one’s being. How we show up and how we relate to ourselves and everyone else is a decision entrusted to every one of us. We alone are solely responsible for consciously navigating all facets of life in all planes of existence. A sovereign individual wields this supreme power over all aspects of one’s being. The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial. When an individual is grounded in sovereignty, this is what gives rise to the pillars of a healthy sovereign network, community, and ecosystem.

Principle 13

Omniscience (Infinite Wisdom)

As the circle of 12 degrees is complete, the emerging quality and, therefore the evolutionary set of principles comes into clarity. Infinite wisdom, the quality of fully knowing all things, opens up. This octave above speaks to our true potential to aspire towards both on the individual and collective levels.

Principle 14

Omnipotence (Infinite Power)

Activation of our higher evolutionary octaves puts us squarely into the recognition of unlimited divine power. In our inseparable connection to the source, the supreme being, and our capacity to co-create our realities, we stand firm and tall.

Principle 15

Omnipresence (Infinite Love)

Thus completing the super triangulation of our infinite potential as the supreme beings and authors of our individual and collective destiny, we are brought back into our heart’s capacity to hold everything simultaneously in present loving awareness. This is the limitless ever, expanding ubiquity of the present moment.

Bringing to Life The Manifesto

Through our interactive, circular-based, gamified, and value-adding approach to community building, we anticipate these principles being lived through our ecosystem activations. This means that they will be refined over time through carefully articulated input and council consideration. 

What We Are Committed To

We are committed to: Transparent and ethical business, technology, ideation, and communication with an undertone of benevolence

We are committed to: Giving voice to the voiceless

We are committed to: Providing ethical entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge, and team to execute effectively in the Web3 and Generative Technology space

We are committed to: Bridging the gap between the Ancient and the Future 

We are committed to: Bringing ancient wisdom practices and culture to greater public awareness

We are committed to: Preserving ancient artifacts, traditions, and voices in innovative ways 

We are committed to: Developing technologies that can add value to people’s lives

We are committed to: Compassionately demonstrating where we are failing as a society and providing solutions to growth and expansion. 

What we are clear on is that this is not about creating a utopia. This is about grounding a new way of being with each other. Accessing dormant aspects of the human condition through further integrating what has been working in established ways of governance, wisdom, intelligence, socioeconomic doctrine and current cultural expression with rich culture, ceremony, connection to land and earth and access to spirituality that has been lost or considered not valuable.

This integration with accepting what is coming but choosing to guide technological advancement in a more deliberate and benevolent way with acknowledging what our souls are craving and infusing that back into our lives is what we are striving for.

A safe space, a refuge, a community and a space between spaces for a fuller expression of self and a deeper exploration of the human condition.

This is a living breathing ever-evolving doctrine. This is the first version of many.

May we build, dream, envision and actualize a future that is greater inclusive of the various shades of what it means to be a conscious collective.

We’re calling forward evolved entrepreneurs and change-makers to birth the Ancient Future

If you resonate with our Manifesto we invite you apply to become a Founding Citizen